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Ex-Kamukunji Senior Cop Arrested By Police On Sodomizing Female Juniors Charges.

Former Kamukunji Chief Inspector Samir Yunus has been detained by the National Police Service's Internal Affairs Unit (IAU) on suspicion of sexual harassment and abuse of power.

On December 5 at 11:58 a.m., IAU detectives made the infamous cop an arrest under OB number 18/5/12/2022.

Yunus was detained today by officers from the Internal Affairs Unit for violating Section 24(2)(a) of the Sexual Offence Act 2006 by abusing his position of responsibility, according to the police.

They stated that he was released on a monetary bail and will show up in court on December 7 at Milimani Law Courts.

In the past, Samir Yunus has been accused of harassing his female underclasswomen sexually.In 2020, activist Boniface Mwangi released a screenshot of a message in which a police officer asking to remain anonymous claimed that Yunus had repeatedly attacked female cops.

At every desk he worked at, the officer said that Yunus was raping and sodomizing his female subordinates.

"At their places of employment, police officers have been sexually assaulted by their superiors. For instance, former ACS Kamukunji Samir Yunus has a history of harassing police officers in all of the stations where he has worked. The message stated, "He has molested others to the point of compelling them to have anal sex with them.

The officer also mentioned that a complaint had been made to the police's internal affairs division.Yunus has also been accused of employing violence against suspects in addition to charges of sexual harassment.

Yunus was called before Senior Principal Magistrate Angelo Githinji in 2019 while acting as the head of the Kamukunji police station after multiple suspects reported that he had beaten them.

"We have other stations, and you have been sitting here since the court started, and you have not heard any such complaints. Other than you, no other officer is the target of the complaints from your station. The magistrate informed him, "There must be a problem.

Yunus refuted the accusations, claiming they were made against him because he refused to accept bribes.Before the magistrate interrupted him, he said, "I might be a difficult officer to deal with because I swore never to take bribes."

Then, in July of this year, NTV aired an exposé in which Samir Yunus was allegedly caught taking payments in exchange for the release of suspects from custody.

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