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"I Was Run Over By A Train And I Lost My Legs and 3 Fingers. I Didn't Give Up in Life," Asiya Narrates Painful Ordeal

Asiya Mohamed candidly narrates how a train accident changed her life completely. She said that the accident led to her father's death but also took her legs and three of her fingers. She claimed that this didn't stop her from chasing her dreams when she got older.

According to Asiya she was the only child cc when the accident happened. She was two years old and she had just learned how to walk. Her home was next to a railway line where the train passed everyday.

According to Asiya on the other side of the rail her grandmother had a small hotel where she like to go a lot and one day she tried to cross that railway when a train was crossing. She was accidentally ran over by a train that cut her two legs and three fingers.

She said that she was rushed to hospital by her mother, grandmother and neighbors. When her father came to see her in hospital her suffered a stroke and died instantly. It was double grief for the family. Her father was laid to rest and she was in a coma in hospital.

She climbed that after she was discharged her mother had already fallen into depression by the sudden grief and after an year she died leaving Asiya under the care of her grandmother. Asiya's life was filled with confusion because she hardly understood why she was different from others.

She claimed that she learned how to use the remaining fingers and survived without leg. She attended a special school where she she saw people who looked like her. She said that a well-wishers offered to pay for her prosthetic legs and she learned how to walk from scratch.

" I was excited about my legs and I couldn't wait to walk with them." Asiya stated.

She said that she didn't give up and decided to engage in games that were played by people with disabilities. She she joined tennis kayaking and other games that she found interesting.

She said that after highschool she engaged outdoor games where she has work different awards and gold medals both in Kenya and abroad. She has advised people living with disabilities not to feel pity for themselves but instead grab the many opportunities lad for them by the government and different organisation.

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