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What Mumbai Railway Station CCTV Captured That Left Indians Emotional(Video)

Atimes , God may use someone else to either bless you or even rescue you from the work of the devil.

This comes about after what was reportedly captured in Mumbai Railway Station CCTV cameras in India.

(Photo credit/File/Mumbai Railway Station)

As per the video shared by CNN earlier today on 26th of April, a visual impaired lady is seen crossing the railway line but accidentally her child ostensibly gets stuck and fells on the rail without her knowledge.

Immediately, the devil at work is witnessed after a speeding train appears while the child is busy struggling to free himself while the mother is not even aware of what await her child.

Luckily, a railway station attendand notices the episode, runs towards the stuck child, pulls him from the rail and the train passes. The boy gets saved from the jaws of death.

Further reports claims the Indian authorities rewarded the hero whom later ostensibly gave half of the reward to the child he saved aimingly to cater for his education.

What do you think about such an act whereby one risks his or her own life to save someone else whom might not even be having any relationship.

Feel free to share your thoughts while you may watch the full video through this link below;


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