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Painful Story Of 2 Brothers Whose Father Jailed 30Years, Mother Died, One Has Burnt Face And Hand

Life is what happens when we are busy making plans. Today, i bring you a painful and emotional story of 2 brothers, Augustine 14 years old and Emmanuel 11 years old.

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They used to have a happy and complete family and the basic needs. But as Augustine turned 10 and Emmanuel 7 years the police officers came and arrested their father. Their mother cried and pleaded with the police to let their father go but all in vain. But she kept visiting their father in prison.

However, after court's ruling, their father was sentenced to 30 year imprisonment. Their mother was confused as she thought how she could take care of her children and she had no job. However, their mother did not tell them why the father was arrested.

She looked for some jobs to do and sold some property to take care of her children. She used to go to visit their father and would show him their photos. They had to get used to living without their father.

Their mother worked very hard and had sleepless nights just to get money. The children did not know what their mother was doing. One day their mother came back too tired and went to bed. In the morning they went to say goodbye to their mother but found her lying and she could not respond. They called for help from neighbours. Their mother was a already dead.

She was buried but it was a shocking experience for them. They had visited their father and it is their aunt who told their father that his wife was no normal.

Augustine started to suffer from epilepsy and he could fall down at any time. They started to live alone and would do everything by themselves. Sometimes they starve because they cannot get food. One day when Augustine was cooking maize the epilepsy affected him and fell down unfortunately the hot maize fell on him burning his face and hand. He spent 5 months in the hospital and was sent back home as he could not afford hospital bills.

Augustine was told not to go back to school he was as he scared children. But the young one, Emmanuel is allowed but said he cannot leave his brother with that condition alone and decided to always be by his side.

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