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Photos Of 'Mtumba Man' Completely Transformed

Mayau Dream Chaser. [Image | Courtesy]

A few weeks ago, Kenyans witnessed how a young man from Kisumu town got immense blessings after days of going viral on social media selling second-hand clothes.

The man who goes by the name Sande, Mayau Dream Chaser received a lot of recognition on social media.

He then received a lucrative deal with a popular cloth line dubbed Devine Collection which offered him a job and now the rest is seen on social media.

A few hours ago, Sande took to social media and posted a photo looking sharp and stylish in a thee-piece suit.

''Waatuuuuu watuuuuuu hivi ndio tunaanza wiki @devine_collections jamani. Am a classic maaan🤝 we ng'ara tu 🤗.'' Sande posted on his official Instagram account.

Despite the suit being on sale, it is worth noting that a few weeks ago, Sande was in Kisumu town selling Mtumba in the streets in the hot sun and dust.

Kenyans have since reacted to the post arguing that God can really transform you when it is your time and no one can stop that.

Mayau Dream Chaser. [Image | Courtesy]

Fans had the following words of compassion and encouragement to share with him.

Simon, ''From kuvaa nguo za mtumba to 3 piece wacheni Mungu aitwe Mungu.''

Diana Atieno, ''Ng'ara mpaka waseme unapenda wamama🤣🤣🤣🤣😘.''

Atieno Atis. ''They say God is the giver... give Him time and He will deliver. Sande, you are a true definition of that. Pata Baraka ndugu hadi watu washange.''

Lynne Shaddy, ''Woow.God is faithfull. kama amekutendea hata mm nagojea yangu... cograts.''

Diana Atieno, ''Ng'ara mpaka waseme unapenda wamama🤣🤣🤣🤣😘.''

Jay Chris, ''Ng'ara mpaka waseme umeingia illuminati... What God can't do doesn't exist.''

Maria Otinde, ''Uliomoka ya kweli bratha. God never leaves his own. Kwa kweli Mungu aitwe kwa majina ya utukufu. Be blessed always bro.''

Mum Boa, ''Uku no safi. The growth is undeniable. Eeeh Mungu wa @mayaudreamchaser nipe ushuhuda nami. 🔥🔥🔥.''

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