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Don't Use Timber Poles For Fencing And Start Using This Best Type Of Material For Fencing Purposes.

Many people always use timber poles for fencing. However, these materials have serious limitations in terms of installation and maintainance costs. This article reviews the best and effective new type of fencing material, vinyl material.

Vinyl Material.

Currently use of vinyl materials for fencing is highly practised in different parts of the world. Plastic fence is also called a synthetic fence or plastic fence. They are made by recycling polythene, polypropylene and other synthetic materials. The following are some of the reasons why you should neglect using timber poles and start using vinyl for fencing.

1. High aesthetic value. Plastic fences comed in different colours from the manufacturer. The colours of vinyl fences will make your lawn look beautiful.

2. Plastic fences last longer than timber fences. The life expectancy of a plastic fence typically ranges between 20 to 30 years. Timber fence can only last for about 8 years.

3. Plastic fences are very resistant to pest infestation and attack by water. Timber fences on the other hand are seriously affected by water and termites. This makes it very expensive to maintain timber fences.

4. In addition, use of plastic materials for fencing purposes helps in maintaining environmental sustainability. It helps in avoiding pollution through recycling of plastic wastes. Plastic fences also discourages deforestation unlike use of timber which involves felling of more trees.

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