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Road Accident

If you Notice These Sounds in Your car Please Don't Drive, Just Call a Mechanic

Vehicles causes so many deaths resulting from accidents each and every year. Some accidents can be prevented if one is cautious enough.Sometimes before the car gets to a point of causing accidents its always show signs of having a problem. Its not wise to risk with a car because life can't be renewed. Always take your time before driving to work or other business to access your car and make sure everything is working perfectly.

Secondly, make sure you take your car for garage check frequently. Before a car get to knock down the engine, sometimes you may start to realize some sounds from the engine. If you notice a griding sound,its an indication that your brakes are won out or starting to fail. Never make a mistake of driving a car with griding sound because you will be putting lifes of those using the same road in great danger. If you notice this just call a mechanic for cheking.

If you ever notice a squealing sound when you are accelerating, that means that your car may be having a problem with engine belts. They can either be loose of won out. Secondly this sounds may suggest that one pulley is starting to fail. If you drive such a car it may end up knocking down on your way before you get to your destination.

A lumbering noise when accelerating means that your car may be having a problem with the exhaust system. Never put your life or the life of your family in danger of accident. Remember these are also others using the same road so its wise to keep your car in good condition.

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