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Photo of Sabina Chege Pushing a Bicycle Stir Mixed Reactions Among Social Media Users

Great humility: <a class=Sabina Chege helps family carry water on black mamba bike" width="500" height="261"/>Photos of Women Rep Sabina Chege have stirred a lot of mixed reactions after she was spotted pulling a bicycle as the mother and her little ones followed with water cans.

In the caption, Sabina urged people to never let others come to them without leaving a better expression of God’s kindness.

“Let no one ever come to you without leaving a better expression of God’s kindness. Kindness in your face, kindness in your smile, kindness in your eyes, and kindness in your welcome,” she captioned in the photos.

While many think that Sabina was just being humble, others think that this is a political tactics to woe voters. Here are some of views from Kenyans.

· Mary Mwangi

Of course is a pretense, who don't know this political games, pushing bicycle is nothing what have she done to prevent that poor kid to push in future. Act of kindness indeed

· Purity Musidoke

Because they have problem with water now help them access water easily by providing them with bore hole I think this will be memorable

· Jack Mugo

"Humble and God fearing Hon. Sabina Chege will win the Murang'a gubernatorial

· Bena Gidali

We are not stupid, we know when elections are nearing the politicians start hoodwinking poor Kenyans that they are together with them but as soon as they are elected they disappear, this time vote carefully.

· William Gitonga

I don't see any humility hear...tunawajua saana

· Njoki Karanja

Saa hii ata kutubeba na leso wanaweza tukutane kwa debe

· Blessed Thomas

Where was she 5yrs back election time. They will even kneel down.. Politicians

· Vanessa Mangusho

God bless her, but tomorrow they will push it again. Politicians should look for solutions.

Samorah Joseph

They need boreholes in their homes, that's the only smile she can give them

· Joe Kantos

This PR is on another level she can do anything to get those votes ,big up to her.

David Ngugi

Hi dio ujinga wakenya hufuata. Oh very humble, very beautiful, handsome, son of a single mother, had a poor background and all other nonsense instead of looking at one's character and capability.

· Ben Mu'muh

She knows her ground game.

· Jimmie Karanja

Funny that this act of humility had to be captured on camera..ooh yeah, of course to gain some political mileage,..I get it


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