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Meaning Of Letter J Written On Government Of Kenya Vehicles

Here are the meaning of letters J, JA, SCJ, DCJ, CJ that are commonly found written on Government Of Kenya (GK) vehicles. Vehicles owned by the Government of Kenya have special and unique number plates and writings that are different from civilians number plates. They have this special writings so as to be differentiated easily.

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Government owned vehicles have number plates that start with GK instead of K. Also the plates have different colours on the plate, it can be red or blue.

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If you happen to see a government vehicle that has letter J on the bumper, the letter J stand for Judge, Judge of a court in Kenya is using the car as his/her transport means. JA letter on the vehicle mean Judge Of Appeal.

SCJ on the vehicle mean Supreme Court Judge. DCJ on the vehicle mean Deputy Chief Justice. CJ letters written on the vehicle mean Chief Justice. This Vehicles with this letters on the bumper and it's a government vehicle, it's used by Government top officials.

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This information was shared online by Sikika Road Safety and it was really educative. Here are some of the funny reactions from Kenyans about the letters.

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(Photo| Courtsey)

Content created and supplied by: MimiNaWewe (via Opera News )

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