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Beware Three Tricks Nairobi's Thugs Use to Carry Out Daylight Robbery

As security gets tighter in Nairobi to minimise chances of thugs terrorising residents and visitors, thugs also become wiser. They come up with new tricks every day to help them execute their criminal acts unnoticed. And unfortunately, most of them get away with their acts. Here are three tricks used by thugs in Nairobi these days to carry out daylight robbery, even in public places.

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1. They Create Scenes

Creating scenes is a very notorious habit by Nairobi's thugs, especially in public places. This is where a thug just approaches from nowhere then provokes you by either insulting you or hitting you up. The moment you complain, this thug will come back to you, ready to irritate you more, so you can be tempted to start up a fight. If you make a mistake of starting up a fright, the thug will get back up from his/her fellows who have been watching you all along. They'll then use the opportunity to rob you of everything. Those watching will consider the scene a normal fight and therefore wouldn't interfere. If you come across a stranger and they attempt to intentionally irritate you, don't fight them back.

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2. Faking Allegations

This is also a very notorious behaviour by Nairobi's thugs, especially in residential estates. It is a situation where someone from nowhere suddenly accuses you of an offence or of insulting them. They'll for instance aim you've stolen their phone and mysteriously find a way to prove their allegations. This is one of the reasons why people don't even scream when being robbed, because the moment you do it, they turn against you and you'll be the one to pay their price.

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3. Faking Accidents

This could be similar to creating a scene, but different in the way it is executed. I once was a victim of this trick in Korogocho slums. Where while drive or riding a motorbike, someone suddenly crosses your path, then claim you have hit them. Suddenly, a group appears from around and demands payment from you or else, your car or motorbike would be torched. In the process of arguing on who is right or wrong, these thugs will wrap you up and rob you. The most ironical bit is the "insured" thug never wants to be taken to hospital but to be paid. Be careful.

Please share this widely to save other from being victims.

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