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Tension Hits Makueni County As Bandits Raids One Region And Walks Away With Several Cows

Residents in Kathonzweni region which is in Makueni County have woke up to welcome bad news after unknown bandits raided one village and ran with unknown number of cattle leaving one family counting a big loss. According to the latest news from the area chief, these thieves visited this region and stole some cows which are of different colors as shown in the pictures exposed through social media platforms.

This has been a daily song in the North-Eastern parts of Kenya where people have been losing their lives and the most targeted are the police officers who have ben guarding that region. Kenyan government through the ministry of security should increase the number of security guards in the affected regions to ensure that there will be order and peace between different communities who carry out pastoralism.

The owner of the cows are urging everyone who might have seen them to inform the police officers in their nearby stations. Below is the link for more information;[0]=AZW2U12i1UT9jPNDznPZ8RvbXmVKoOGwMmD18LI_wWoTiv61hDicF7MRbBAucHB74Qpgl-3at3s1me0oawWYZQs-LetOprxu4fIMZD3dLDBaagqXLvSvDuIbIGQWWrqbRRJtoEETFqdf2egMrWG8vfu5szA02sixeIJtjnsmUe1gcQB8wZ1U3WL8_zRQEv6waic&__tn__=*bH-R

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