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Cops Raid a House Where Young Girls Are Lured From The Village And Forced Into Prostitution(Photos)

A photo of the house that was raided(Photo/Courtesy).

Human Rights Activist Njeri Wa Migwi has rescued some young girls who had been trafficked from the village and locked up in a house in Nairobi, where they were forced into online prostitution.

The activist got wind of the illegal activities that were taking place in the house after getting a tip-off and rushed there. She repeatedly knocked at the door but no one opened.

However, she could see some movements inside. She insisted she was the owner of the building and so, she needed to get in.

She finally managed to access the house and upon getting in, she recovered ring lights, laptops, mattresses and other video recording equipment.

She immediately called the police to the scene. Police responded and carried out a raid that led to the recovery of crucial evidence.

The jobless girls are reportedly lured from the village and promised jobs in Nairobi. Once they land in the city, they are taken to the house and locked up.

They are then forced to entertain foreign clients through live shows. The girls are also mistreated by being denied food and starved at times if they fail to meet their financial targets.

Some of them are subjected to physical abuse. See photos shared by the activist.

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Human Njeri Wa Migwi


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