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"Kumbe Alikuwa Na Bastola," CCTV Footage Of a Man Who Fired a Gun Killing a Security Guard Emerges

In the video, the firearm proprietor and well known entertainer Ainea Ojiambo is seen talking with a woman outside a retail location before he was assaulted by two young fellows. 

Ojiambo was returning a contraption into his telephone, conceivably a telephone, before the two hooligans struck. 

One of them began attacking him while attempting to go after his accessory before the other participate to offer help and pin him down. 

The woman attempted to safeguard the entertainer before she was overwhelmed pulling herself away from the person in question. 

Passers-by likewise attempted to mediate yet they left once the man pulled out the weapon. In the video, the discharge can't be heard, however the two hooligans flee while attempting to twist low to try not to be taken shots at. 

One wanderer projectile hit the watchman who capitulated to the head injury. Crisis administrations took his body to a close by funeral home and offered treatment to another bystander who was hit constantly stray projectile. 

Ojiambo, is a Kenyan entertainer well known for featuring in The Constant Gardener, Bullion and Jack Zollo: My Life in Crime. 

Onlookers who addressed called for guaranteed examinations concerning the matter. 

"Envision battling for your life alone, terrified, gazing at death in your face. No family! No companions! Nobody! Just you alone! 

"He was likely somebody's dad, a provider, a child. I was passing by and didn't see the shooting yet I saw the disturbance from that point. It is so difficult," one Nairobian said. 

Police grilled the entertainer and started examinations concerning the shooting. Furnished burglaries and muggings inside Nairobi have raised lately. 

A few CCTV recordings have shown furnished burglars and groups jumping on clueless people on foot and workers. A few posses are all around facilitated and utilize a few stunts to loot off telephones, totes and different resources. 

A comparative occurrence occurred in February 2021, when a lady was erroneously shot by a cop who was pursuing a hooligan opposing capture.

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Ainea Ojiambo


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