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Natural disaster



Death, drought and hunger

Drought is a slow on-set disaster caused by water shortage and climate change.A total of 3.5 million are currently affected by drought and are in need of humanitarian assistance

35 counties have been hit by the drought but there are those in which have been hit harder for example ,the northern part of kenya.communities living in these area are pastoralists since the economic activity is their main livelihood. Their county governments want the government to declare this a national disaster since it is beyond their reach

The on going drought has also affected the tourism sector ; 200 elephants, 512 wildebeests, 51 buffalos , 12 giraffes have all died.

The government has approved 6 billion to help those hit by the drought and are starving to get food to consume and not sleep hungry as its goals are short term as we wait for the march -april rains.On the tourism sector the government has bought grass for the browsers since they are most affected and is on the solution of plantation of grass on the long term as an adaptation effect to the drought

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