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News Just In: 4 Storey Building Collapses In Ruai Area, Tenants Trapped Inside

A 4 storey residence apartment has collapsed in Afra Sayari Area of Ruai, Kiambu County. Details of the tragedy are still scattered but resue operations have already begun. The rescue operations are being conducted by government agencies with help from the locals. It has been confirmed that an unclear number of people who had rented in the building are still trapped inside.

A former shop owner in the building has said that he is aware and knows some of families including children who have been trapped inside. The cause of the collapse is yet to be identified since there was nothing wrong that had been noted with the biulding.

This is not the first time such a tragedy is happening in Ruai. Another biulding also collapsed in the area in March of 2018 leaving a number of people dead.

Over the years, a few buildings have collapsed due to various issues forcing the government to enact stringent measures that guide biulding construction.

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