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Former Sex Worker who got Pregnant 3 Times Says she Prayed Before Sleeping With Different Men

A 35-year-old lady identified by only one name Beth narrated the nasty ordeal she underwent as she used to sell her body to many random men in Kikuyu town, Kiambu county.

According to Beth, she settled for the idea of selling her body while she was still a young girl, at the age of only 15 years, Beth could comfortably invite random men to do the act with her as she asked for money in return, she, however, says that she was forced to do the act since she passed through hard times while at a very tender age.

She says that her parents called it quits and the fact that she was in an unstable family and found it hard to continue with her education, Beth moved to the streets looking for greener pastures, and it is there that she met several women doing the business for a living, they introduced her to the business. It was hard in the beginning but she got used to it and inviting men for services was the nature of her day.

Different from other workers, Beth used to pray before having a session with men, she says she did so to avoid dangers associated with the nature of her work. She got three children in her line of duty and left her, she now does manual jobs after quitting the business.

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Beth Kiambu


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