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Former Mungiki Leader Reveals What They Found In Freemason Building

(Photo courtesy~Rev. Ndura Waruinge)

Freemasonry was a hot topic in the past few weeks when renowned lawyer Ambrose Rachier confessed that he is part of the group, revealing some of the traditions they practice.

This left people with varied opinions and now, the Former Leader of the banned group, Ndura Waruinge has revealed how his encounter with freemason merchandise surprised him.

The reformed gang leader who is now a pastor says they were on a revenge mission and they were targeting the freemason building along Nyerere road.

It was alleged that one of the snakes owned by freemasons had swallowed one of the gang's children and being enranged led them to plot to burn down the building.

They armed themselves with petrol and matchboxes and stormed into the building where the freemasons conduct their private affairs.

He says they soaked the carpet in petrol and lit matchboxes but the carpet did not burn down, instead, it smothered, making them panic and finally aborting their mission.

However, they made away with a golden register in which Waruinge claims that a senior clergy's name appeared in the list of those practicing Freemasonry.

Additionally, they saw a couple of human skeletons in the same room that contained the golden register and that is how they fled from the premises.

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