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87yrs Old Man Buys An Expensive Coffin Worth 58k Meant For Him On His Funeral, Once He Is Dead.

Aloise Otieng from Busia has left his people in disbelief after he purchased a coffin for himself work Fifty eight thausand. He claimed that it was meant fro his funeral once he died.

Aloise claimed that he wanted to have the best coffin for his burial once he died. "I want to prepare for my death." He claimed. He has bought different coffins both in 2009 and 2012 but this one has swept his feet away.

He claimed that he believes that people should prepare for their final sendoff when they are still alive. He said that he didn't want to bother his villagers with countless fundraising ceremonies for his funeral.

He claimed that he will buy himself a nice suit and also buy animals that will be used on his funeral. He claimed he is healthy and believes that he still have time for a long life. This left his villagers in disbelief as they flocked in his house to see what he has done.

According to Aloise he believes that every Kenyan should have a clear plan of how they should be buried so as to make it easy for family and friends who would be in grief during their funeral.

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