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Inside Abdisamad's 12-Day Captivity Horror, Why He Wasn't Killed After The Abduction

Abdisamad's narrow escape from death is something that has really shocked many people. According to sources, the man was supposed to be killed immediately after abduction. This is something he already new about. He was kidnapped while waiting to cross a clumsy road. He was in possession of two phones and pistol.

Surprisingly, two men ambushed him and grabbed his hands. The tried to fight back but 4 men approached to carry him to the double cabin car. The worst thing is that all this happened while people watched from a distance. Some went to an extent of recording videos of what was happening.

Abdisamad said that when he entered the vehicle, he tried to prevent them from closing the door but the masterminds overpowered him. This is how he saw himself probably going to die because it wasn't a doubt. However, it is claimed that the kidnappers release him after noticing their identity had leaked.

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