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Video: Man blocks Eastleigh road in protest over the sudden rise in fuel prices

Fuel is an important commodity all over the wold. This is mainly because it plays a huge role in determining the price of goods and services. An increase in the price of fuel means that transportation costs will be higher therefore the prices of goods will also rise. This is why most people love to see fuel prices decrease insted of increasing.

The major reason why fuel prices increase is due to demand. When the demand for fuel is high in most parts of the world, then the price tends to increase. Since there are many people who are buying cars on a daily basis, there is no way fuel prices will reduce.

On Tuesday, most motorists in Kenya were shocked after the fuel prices increased by about ksh 8. This was not taken well by many motorists as they announced that they would have a nation wide demonstration. However, most kenyans were surprised after the motorists changed their minds and decided not to do it.

Since some motorists did not see the need for this, a motorists has surprised many in Eastleigh after he parked his vehicle in the middle of the road and begun to protest over the sudden increase in fuel prices.

You can watch the video using the link below:

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