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Sad Story Of A Family That Sold Everything Including The Roofing Of Their House To Treat A Boy

On 13th September, Afrimax highlighted the story of a boy who have been living in pain and misery for the last 12 years-since his birth.

John Paul the father to the 12 year-old boy and his wife were overjoyed when they got their forth born, who was to be their last born. The wife went to the hospital for delivery and this went absolutely well.

Unfortunately, the baby did not turn out to be very normal. He was born without an egestion part and the doctors advised John and his wife to take the child to a better hospital for surgery and hopefully they would create one. However, they did not have the cash required for the surgery and so they took the boy home as they look for cash.

During this time, the boy could eat and pass out waste through the same mouth. This pushed the father to do anything to get the money. He therefore got loans from family and friends and rushed the baby back to the hospital. The doctors cut one of the boys intestines and made a hole through the belly where the waste was supposed to come out through.

The boys condition got worse after he got back home from the surgery. The opening kept on becoming large and whenever the boy could drink water it could come out immediately. This made it obvious that there might have been a mistake during surgery.

John then asked for another loan but this time from then bank to take the child for another surgery and this made him a bit better. Unfortunately, the family could not afford the prescription medicine and therefore the boys wound started to rot. John therefore sold some part of his house like the roofing and took the boy for a third surgery.

After sometime the boy undergone a forth surgery after his condition kept becoming worse. This was the boys last surgery that he has undergone so far. John lost his job and is now living a life with a lot of debts with no idea on how he is ever going to settle them. John is now seeking help from good Samaritans to help take they boy for advanced treatment.

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