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Road Accident

Multiple Deadly Accidents on The Thika Superhighway at Alsoaps Exit This Morning

Motorists are cautioned about being extra careful on the highways to ensure that they do get back home to their families everyday.

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The kind of accidents on our Highways witnessed on a daily basis are mostly those that could have been avoided if traffic laws were obeyed.

This morning, it's reported that there are multiple accidents on the main Thika Superhighway.

The accidents have occured at the main exit of the Superhighway of Alsoaps to the service lane.

It's still unclear how many people have been injured or succumbed to the multiple accidents this morning.

This is creating a huge gridlock on the main highway as you head into Nairobi Town from Thika.

Motorists are advised to use the service lane but from all the way in Garden City Mall before you get to Alsoaps.

Police are said to be on the scene and helping out with clearing the mess from the highway so people can get to their respective work stations on time.

We urge drivers to be more observant of traffic rules everyday to avoid these accidents that not only lead to delays but loss of lives as well on a daily basis.

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