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"Pombe si Maji" Video of Helpless Drunk Female Student in Nairobi Elicits Reactions

Majority of youths have endulged in drug abuse including excessive alcohol drinking which has affected their lives. College students have been the most affected with the Government through NACADA putting in place measures to curb drug abuse among the youths.

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A video of a drunk female student from Kenya Water Institute situated in Nairobi West has elicited mixed reactions from a section of Kenyans. Form the video, the lady can be seen looking helpless due to excessive drinking. One of her friends can be heard shouting "Unachoma!" meaning she is embarrassing herself.

Click the link below to watch the video;

It's not the first time that a video of female student misbehaving has gone viral. Parents have always been advised to look after their children and ensure they are taught good ethics.

The video has elicited mixed reactions from netizens in the following ways;

@kagowilly Pombe sio chai but watch out the people you go out to imbibe with. Something about recording my blacked out friend doesn`t sit fine by me.

@wakegathisa God have mercy on our children😭

@Salim_the_don Kenya Water Institute na anakunywa pombe kama maji,when the society says the future is women hawa ndo future mothers boychild tutaoa?

@aikowalia Mwanafunzi wa chuo cha maji ako maji...😅😅

@anyangosherlyn Youths should know that there’s other forms that can bring them happiness other than alcohol

@balaseth09 Youths only need to know there real friends....but advancing there agenda of character assassination is what's bad here..

@kamau9765 Who is playing his or her role, our sister and brothers are getting lost.

@samuelftr Wakiambiwa hii kitu si supu hawasikii

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