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Brave Man: Netizens React To A Video Of Motorist Fighting Off Numerous Attackers In Parklands

After being confronted by several armed guys, a Nairobi driver has been showered with praises by social media users following his bravery.

The motorist was seen in a Mitsubishi Outlander along an estate road in Parklands, Nairobi, in videos that went viral on social media.

A vehicle was spotted in front of the Outlander, and he slowed down as it turned to enter a gate.

Another Toyota vehicle, unknown to him, was awaiting him in the opposite direction. An armed man got out of the automobile and approached the driver, prompting him to reverse expertly.

As the driver reversed, two young girls were spotted crossing the road, but they were already on the opposite side when the vehicle reached that spot.

As the Toyota passed the SUV and stopped behind it, one of the gangsters followed the Mitsubishi on foot, armed with a metal bar.

Three gang guys with crooked weapons joined the first man and attempted but failed to gain entry to the SUV.

When they realized the motorist had thwarted their plan, they dashed into the Toyota and drove away, while the Mitsubishi car did an about turn and chased them.

The driver's evasive maneuvers and coolness were praised by social media users. Here are a few of the responses:

"Waah, the guts to strike in broad daylight," said Ma'am Trudy Joseph.

"Defensive driving comes in useful here," said Nelly Waeni. "Not panicking and remaining cool."

"Where can one acquire defensive driving lessons?" Eva Kangurù inquired.

"I admire how Kenyans are getting more daring," said Esther Macharia.

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