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Nyamira County: Chopper Makes Emergency Landing, Leaves People Surprised

Early morning today it was a happy moments to People of Geteni after a Helicopter Landed at a nearby school field. It is not clear what was the case for the Helicopter to land at that destination. The incident occurred at 9:30 am and this has left people wondering, however the reason was not revealed why it applied emergency landing.

People around that place were surprised and happy because it was not meant for the Helicopter to land at that destination. Others want forward and say maybe it was

Students were surprised taught it was the police who came to guard exams, The children of that area were happy ever and they wishes it to stay for a while but the helicopter flew and went.

Residents were left talking about the land of that Helicopter, but this is not the first time Helicopters have been landing in the area, it is possible that maybe it was exams which was being Distributed by that Helicopter.

The cause of it to land was unknown. The incident occurred and this is not the first time choppers are taking emergency landing Nyamira County.

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