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Pokot and Ilchamus Communities Sign Peace Accord After Two decades Of Deadly Conflict

Members of Pokot and Ilchamus communities in Baringo County have finally called a truce after over two decades of deadly conflict that left tens dead, hundreds displaced and shared amenities closed.

Peace was brought with the help of children from both communities who have been visiting their counterparts and seeking reconciliation from the opposite sides of the divide.

Over twenty-five years, a forty-kilometre road connecting the two communities has been impossible to pass not because of the state of the road but due to fears of insecurity.

On one end of the road are the Ilchamus and on the other end are the Pokots. Their enmity often led to violent confrontations that resulted in death and injuries.

In 2017 one of the attacks on this road left 11 dead including mothers and their children. Things have since changed now and the road is now open and safe.

The peace prevailing is now brought about by the youngest members of the two societies where other peace initiatives including peace Caravans run by political and religious leaders-driven initiatives have failed. It took the community's children to broker this peace.

The children's meeting gradually thought the frosty relations between the two communities culminating in a truce that has now opened the two communities to integration and development.

The children's peace initiative saw the two communities walk on the previously deadly road to the site of the worst attack five years ago, a stack and constant reminder of the high price both communities have to pay for their animosity toward each other.

They hope that a small town in their village will draw them back to life once again amidst what they hope will be lasting peace.

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