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Ways to Handle Abuse in a Relationship

There are many forms of abuse. One can be manipulated emotionally, sexually, or physically. The most convenient way to handle abuse in relationships isby ending it as quickly as possible to keep yourself safe.

Types of abuse.

1. Emotional abuse - this is where a partner is being humiliated or embarrassed repeatedly. If a partner constantly does things that damage you emotionally.

2. Sexual abuse - this is where violence is included eg fighting, being beaten or even death.

3. Sexual abuse - this may happen when a partner takes advantage of you sexually. This are situations where one partner forcefully gets sex from the other without consideration.

Ways to handle.

- Document your abuse and pile evidences in case of authority interventions.

- Get help from the authority when necessary.

- Do not make excuses or dismiss an abusive behavior.

- Form a plan to end the relationship carefully.

- End the relationship safely.

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