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The Most Notorious And Dangerous Neighborhoods In The World

There are some streets and neighborhoods in some parts of the world that you are not welcome and just by walking in them, you could be doing your last mistake. Here are some of them;

-Baltimore North Monroe Street West Lanvile Street(USA). There is Violence and drug dealing is a major hiccup in this area. Generally, walking at night in this area could be very dangerous.

-Kingston, Jamaica. Some streets of this city are so dangerous that even US government personnel are not allowed to drive at night. There have been cases of shooting now and then. Many gangs walk around armed and but the police can't do anything because they are understaffed.

-Villa Aliança, Rio De Janeiro. It is said that this place has no laws and armed thugs and gangs rule the area and not the police.

-Cape Flats, Cape Town. This area was once quarantined to keep the crime in that area but it yielded little gains. Tourists visiting Cape Town are usually asked to not go to that part of town.

-San Pedro Sula, Honduras. It has been named one of the most dangerous places on earth recently. There are n.many gangs in this area and they are constantly at war with each other in the fight for control areas. There are no police in the area and the government has left the place to run itself. It has one of the highest homicides in the world.

-Catia, Caracas, Venezuela. There is a lot of robbing and armed kidnapping in this area. Police have little to no control over the area due to the presence of many gangs.

-Tijuana, Mexico. It is located on the border of Mexico and America. It has the highest murder rates in the world. There is rampant robbery and gangs are highly widespread.

Content created and supplied by: JamesMwangi10 (via Opera News )

Jamaica Lanvile Street( North Monroe Street Rio De Janeiro USA


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