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Photos of The Ukambani Killer Bridge Which Has Been Causing Accidents Whenever There Area Floods

The ukambani bridge which has been on news headline since Saturday for causing the death of 33 Kenyans who seemed so jovial before the accident, has left many wondering how it looks like that a whole bus had to sink.

The bridge is said to have been killing several Kenyans ever time there are floods since 2018.

The climatic change in the country has led to frequent flooding in ukambani. Ukambani is one of the dry places in the country and has a rugged terraine and in case of flash floods many lives are lost.

The Saturday case is one the case, the choir members was seen cheerfully practicing at river Enzeu while they wait for water level to decrease.

The water level didn't decrease and they become impatient, they decided to cross the killer bridge unfortunately they never crossed to the other side of the bridge.

The bridge from the picture seems to be shallow but the funny thing is that it has been killing many people.

Photos Of river Enzeu bridge and vehicles that have drown in it .

Content created and supplied by: Shirowajomo (via Opera News )

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