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Zora: Yola Causes Drama at Oliver's Funeral Service

The episode begins when the pastor visited the family after the loss of Oliver Chibale. He requested them to remain calm and focus on their lives and the interrelationship among themselves. Zalena couldn't be able to address the gathering because of grief and Loretta did it on her behalf.

However, Yola was not pleased to see Loretta being given the chance to address the gathering because she is not a member of the family. Her face was sulk even when the pastor asked Madiba to stand as the firstborn son of Oliver and take over all the responsibilities that his father left.

Yola goes to Loretta and whispered her hurting words. She warned her to stop interfering with family affairs because to her she is a nobody. Loretta holds her patience but Yola goes to hit her when the Pastor asked Loretta to light the candles and start by giving them to Zalena and then Madiba, and lastly to Kwame. Before the pastor was through with instructions, Yola was already screaming and shouting at Loretta and Madiba to get out.

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