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Five Groups of People You'll Always Find at Jevanjee Gardens, Nairobi

Have you ever been to Jevanjee Gardens? If not then this article could be very helpful, because when you visit that place, you'll have a clue of the people you'll be meeting or interacting with. Be very careful with the steps you take while in that garden. Here are five group of people you'll always find in Jevanjee Gardens, Nairobi CBD.

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1. Bunge la Wananchi Contributors.

Jevanjee Gardens is known for hosting small groups of political enthusiasts, chatting their way through the country's political moves and eruptions. Whenever you visit Jevanjee, you'll spot a group of people crowded somewhere, there is usually one large group or two to three small groups. So whenever you come across them, just know it's about politics. Never be tempted to interfere or do something stupid.

2. Job Seekers

Unlike Uhuru Park when people mostly go to idle, Jevanjee is a job seekers harbour. Most people who go for interviews wait for their calls or appointments at Jevanjee Gardens. It is also this garden that gives a resting point for Nairobi's jobless professionals. You'll find a lawyer, at one point, an accountant at another end and a teacher on one end, all jobless and waiting miraculous callings.

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3. Tobacco Smokers

Jevanjee Gardens has a section , set aside specifically for smokers. This is where tobacco addicts gather to take their shots before getting back to work. During lunch hours, you'll find that place crowded, that is, most smokers spend their lunch periods smoking at Jevanjee Gardens.

4. Preachers

Preachers are everywhere within Nairobi CBD, and to an extension, across all major towns in Kenya. These people trade spirituality for daily breads. They preach, then indirectly ask for payment, branding it tithe.

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5. Street Families

Many street families spend their night at Jevanjee Gardens. During the day, they position themselves at strategic points to wait for well wishers.

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