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For Huduma Namba Collection Assistance, Call This Toll Free Number For First Hand Information

Since the process for collecting huduma number cards, made individuals are still stranded and and aware exactly where they can pick up their huduma cards. According to the information available in the huduma Kenya facebook page, many individuals are yet to collect their cards taking it long for government to roll out huduma cards.

Many individuals claim that they have not yet received any message requesting them to select their preferred place where they could get their huduma card. This has made many individuals reluctant and not knowing what to do next regarding their huduma cards.

For some of us who have already received the message have successfully collected their cards. According to the government, huduma cards are set to replace the current ID cards being used in the county.

The idea of doing away with the ID cards and replacing it with huduma cards is making those who haven't received their huduma number cards to be in fear of what may happen after government does away with the original identity cards. If you didn't receive the sms sent, you can call this genuine toll free number as seen in the text message sent to other individuals as per the screen shot below.

According to the huduma website, the only genuine toll free number to call to Enquire on where you may pick up your huduma card is 0800221111.

Thank you.

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