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One of the 3 Prostitutes Found Unconscious After 3 County Officials Invited Them for Satisfaction

A woman who was part of the gang that spiked men's drinks with medicine landed herself in hot soup after drinking alcohol she had spiked with the drug.

Leah Mwenja, a woman aged 31 years old was found lying unconscious in a company of three other men at Shikara apartments located in Nyali, Mombasa county where the men had booked a room for a working holiday.

It is said that the three men believed to be senior county officials at the physical planning department in Kisumu together with an MCA were busy enjoying their drinks at a popular entertainment joint in Nyali called the Masai beach restaurant located along the Pristine Coastal beaches, this is when a group good looking ladies with short dresses passed by.

The group of men did not hesitate to call the ladies who did not turn down their proposal, they drunk many rounds of beer, as it approached 3 am, the ladies proposed to the county officials that it was time to move to their rooms where they could make the climax of their time with the big men from the county.

The men staggered to their rooms with more beer, the girl then spiked the official's drinks with the drug but forgot and took the alcohol. Yesterday as other members of the county were looking for their seniors in their room, they were shocked to find them unconscious in a company of ladies.

The other two ladies who were with Leah Mwenja stole from the county officials and ran away when they realized that Leah had passed out. Leah is currently assisting the detectives in finding the two other girls who ran away with the county official's valuables. The four were however treated at Coast General Hospital and are currently doing well.

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Leah Mwenja Mombasa


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