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Road Accident

"These Drivers Must Be Arrested" Uproar After These Two Matatu's Were Spotted Doing This On The Road

In kenya, many accidents are caused due to ignorance that many drivers of our public and private vehicles have. We have always had cases of drivers hitting innocent pedestrians to death as they are breaking road safety rules. These practices are so common with matatu drivers in major towns.

Netizens are calling upon the arrest and immediate action from NTSA after some two matatus were spotted on the outer ring road doing a very dangerous blunder. The two matatus which one of them was a city shuttle decided not to use the main lane of vehicles and were driven on the pedestrian lane.(Photo| courtesy)

This is a very dangerous practice that could lead to the death of many pedestrians. It is said that the matatus were scattering pedestrians away as they drove on a high speed.

Netizens upon seeing this reacted in different ways saying that NTSA should react as soon as possible to remove the drivers from the road. Others said that police officers should be placed in such places to control the situation. Below are some of the reactions:(Photo| courtesy)(Photo| courtesy)(Photo| courtesy)

All drivers should therefore respect pedestrians since they are also road users that have a destination just like the vehicles have their destination.

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