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I Had 5 Children With Different Father's Who Were All Thugs, They Were All Killed But God Saved Me.

A lady by the name of Trizah Mumbi has revealed that she has 5 children with different fathers who were thugs, They were all killed by police but God saved her life and she decided to give her life to Jesus.

According to her is that she was brought up by a single mother after a while she took her to her grandmother and she never returned home, She says that after she finished form four she came to Nairobi and she got into a relationship with a man and she gave birth to her firstborn.

She says that her husband had told her that he was selling shoes in Gikomba and sometimes he would bring her shoes, Without knowing he was a thief one day as he was coming back home he was ambushed by police together with his friends with stolen items and they were killed.

Life was not easy and she started working in a club and while there she met another man and she got married and was blessed with another baby, but he used to come home after four days and when he would ask him where he was he would tell her that he was working. One day she waited for him to come home but that never happened after a while she saw on the news that her husband was a thug and was killed.

Tirzah says that as she was looking for a better life for her two kids, she got married to another two men and bore two kids with them all were thugs and they were killed in mysterious ways. She says that her last husband met him in a club and they became lovers and he accepted him with the four kids.

She was shocked to know that he was a thug and was having a gun, one day as they were seated having dinner she heard gunshots in their area, One of her neighbor informed her that her husband was killed at this moment she was 5 months pregnant and she decided to go back to her grandmother house.

Tirzah says that she decided to give her life to Jesus after God saved her from all those things didn't happened in their houses because maybe they would have killed her,and now she works hard to take care of her kids.

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