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Road Accident

Happening Now: Kenyans Scramble For Free Beer After Trailer Rolls Over In Naivasha (VIDEO)

This is one thing that we could only imagine as normal human beings. Everybody especially during childhood ages has ever imagined of a vehicle carrying drinks like sodas overturning then you get to drink those drinks. Gone are those days and it has been a long time since we could imagine that.

Under one condition, I only read a piece of literal analysis where a person happened to be around the same incident. A lorry fell and all those sodas just got exposed on the surface. He went busy and collected one full crate. Instead of disappearing, he just remained still. Asked by others, he said that he also waited for another lorry carrying bread to overturn the same way!

In Naivasha, things are now real. It has finally happened and you cannot believe our fellow Kenyans. Very funny indeed. Busy Kenyan highways have always been a hub for road accidents where trailers ferrying goods sometimes roll after losing control. By this, they end up causing fatal accidents or damage of properties carried. This is what makes crazy actions on our highways that later turn out into comedy.

Today, there has been a major accident that led to a standoff along the Naivasha Nakuru Nairobi highway as a trailer ferrying beers rolled over. The lorry is believed to lose control and just overturned but no deaths at all except a little damage.

According to Sikika Road Safety news podcast, the trailer was heading towards Nakuru when the driver lost control and had it veer off the road rolling over in Naivasha. You all know that if this happens before your presence then you have no option other than running away. But Kenyans have this time crowned the day early in the morning.

Eager Kenyans who were by the road side got an opportunity to scramble for free beer as the trailer which had rolled had several crates of the drinks. They could not even imagine of cameras capturing them! Funny enough, some of them could be caught drinking on the spot as others collected enough to run away.

This incident has attracted several reactions from netizens online who gave their opinion on why Kenyans have to rob off goods when a vehicle is involved in an accident. Take a look:

Watch the video of how the residents of Naivasha were rushing for the free beer in the link below:

What is your view according to this? Let's share this and follow my channel for more updates like this one. Thank you for reading my article too.

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