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' Chungana Na Yeye Kabisa' DCI Reveals A Criminal Who Has Been Stealing Through Social Media

Most people have turned social media to be ways to get money from. The platforms which includes Facebook, Instagram, twitter among others have formed platform where business and individuals find their customers due to wide reach. 

However, some have started using these social media as get rich quick scheme. Have you ever scammed? Personally I was scammed after I found myself giving someone my hard earned money to someone I have never seen. Also, you should be careful when you are interacting with people you don't know in these social platforms.

Today, another man has been Reported by Serious Crime Units (SCU) to be going around social conning people's money. Reynold Nelson, the man in question who as been serial fraudster has been using social media platform where he has conned people hard earned money from thousands to millions.

He was charged after taking money falsely from employe attached to Microsoft East Africa Systems amount to ksh5M. He had tricked that he was investing in forex trade.

Also another case, he had tricked someone on social media to import a car where the owner paid him Ksh 1.5M. The government as urged members of public to be watchful because he is still hiding.

Content created and supplied by: Nyakundit (via Opera News )

Chungana Na Yeye Kabisa' DCI Microsoft Reynold Nelson SCU


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