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Theft robbery

Never Do These Things If Ever Attacked By An Armed Robber

Armed robbery occurs when a person produces some form of weapon, or you believe the person has a weapon, and they demand something of value from you.Street robbery is one form of a larger set of problems related to street crime and issues of violent crime among strangers.

What should one not do if he/she is under the custody of a robber? 

Do not resist the robber. Don’t be a hero. The money is not worth risking a life for.

Do not take action that would jeopardise the safety of personnel or customers. In most situations, robbers won’t harm a person who cooperates. Do not use or encourage the use of weapons against the robber. Introducing another weapon into the situation increases the chances of someone becoming injured during the robbery. No amount of money is worth the risk of endangering a person’s life.

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