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Photos of South Sudan's Tallest People Who Woudn't Jump To Defend a Basketball Strike

South sudan is reportedly becoming a country with the world's tallest people. With heights ranging from 6 feet to 12 feet. That is roughly a range of 1.5metres of normal human height to a height of 3 metres. Since height largely depends on genealogy and regional existence.There could be more factors that could be contributing to unusually tall people in South Sudan. These Photos of South Sudan's Tallest People are just intriguing. It would make you think that normal people they are standing with are short.

The horn of Africa has been also reported to have tall people. This includes Ethiopia,Sudan in general and Somalia. One interesting thing in Somalia however is how they put so much value to height. It has been reported that Somalia particularly considers height as a factor during marriage.

Sources reveals that tall women in Somalia attracts more dowry unlike short counterparts. Somalia men are known to fetch for taller women and this proves the high dowry.

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