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" Two Days After I Came From Hospital My Aunt Assaulted Me" Eric Talks About Trauma He Has Endured

There have been so many cases of abuse in our homes and countrywide. Sexual assaults victim, always end up suffering in silence since they are always afraid of speaking out.

There has been stigma going around about people who have been victims of rape. Family members and the public service always end up making people feel responsible for being assaulted.

Eric was 9 when he was diagnosed with seizures disorder. He woke up in a hospital after being unconscious for almost two weeks.

Two days after he went back home, her aunt, who was living with them sexually assaulted him. As a 9 year old, he didn't know who to trust. This was a family member and he knew it was his word against hers.

After the incident, he went quiet since he knew that no one would believe him. He knew that if he opened up, he would be at the receiving end and be blamed and accused of hating the aunt.

21 years later, the incident still is in his mind. The trauma from the incident still bothers him and he has no where to turn to. It was after he heard of a talk about trauma that he decided to open up to his parents.

Eric is one in a thousand people who go through pain and trauma in silence. It is high time we normalize treating people who have been sexually assaulted as victims. These people did not choose to be assaulted, but it happened.

Try to advocate and help every victim through compassion. Stop making them feel like they deserved it or like they initiated it.

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