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KPLC Announces Electricity Blackout on Monday 25, October Within the Listed Areas Below

Kenya power lightening company has this evening announce places that will face a very Long electricity blackout tomorrow 25, October so as to allow KPLC personnels to carry out the system maintenance on the listed areas below.

Kenya Power and Lighting Company has been giving prior notices on the areas that would be affected by the planned electricity Interruptions.

Now as we head to the weekend, some areas are listed to encounter Electricity Shutdowns so those affected should be ready for the same.

Here are some of the areas that will be affected by the power outage. The power Interruption will affect some parts of the Nairobi Metropolitan Area as outlined below:

In the current century, each and every person has access to digital and electronic devices which require electricity to power them. Therefore electricity is very essential and a requirement in all areas and sectors of the economy. Electricity is also used for domestic purposes in our homes to power electronic appliances such as telephones, televisions, music devices, computers among many others. Electricity is also important in agricultural sector to power machines such as irrigation pumps. Many other areas and institutions require electricity, these include banks, schools, businesses such as salons and barber shops, factories, churches and many other areas. All these areas receive power supply from the Kenya Power and Lighting Company.

The mention areas below will face a very long power outage for maintenance purposes.

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