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Zimbabweans Praise Thika Super Highway as They Demand The Same in Their Country

Thika Super Highway is one of the most celebrated infrastructural developments in the country under Mwai Kibaki's tenure. The former President officially opened the Super Highway on 9th November, 2012 and it has been a revelation to commuters ever since.

The Thika Super Highway is an 8_lane controlled access highway in Kenya with 12 lanes in some sections. Nairobi City is always identified by the Super Highway which gives it an international outlook.

File photo of Former President, Mwai Kibaki launching Thika Super Highway

Zimbabweans are on the spot after one of their citizen advised them to vote for leaders who can build greater highways like the Thika Superhighway in Kenya.

The citizens of Zimbabwe responded immediately in the comment section with many praising the advanced infrastructural development in Kenya while criticizing their government.

Some of their reactions were as follows;

@Thabayanthi We need a proper road to Kezi not that single lane done by Smith. Fix and costruct a proper road network then ..yes spaghetti road in Hre.

@Damien81146 They are also constructing an expressway from Nairobi to Mombasa.

@Jorge9347 We can do better than this. though congratulations to Kenya, good job

@cuuuulture 10years from now they will be defending incompetence by saying you can't compare kenya and Zimbabwe, the very same way they say you can't compare S.A and Zim. Kenya is developing at a faster rate

@Enertszikki problem is the youths,they don't want to vote in competent leaders like Kenya did

@sda144 Yes. The future belongs to the youths. But you still find some EDiots who say we don't need such modern roads in Zim. Look at how Thika Superhighway in Kenya is beautiful..We need such in our country

@immoetaljoe3 Wait for them the varakashi brigade they will come here and say there is currently no need for such roads in Zim. What's the difference between Kenyan and Zimbabwean leaders surely

@Smphiwe9 Zimboz are pathetic at times they tolerate looting and accept peanuts renovations that ED is doing

@atemiwarema Kenya is way ahead of us.. With such beautiful and sophisticated infrastructure, our leaders look like jokers

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