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For Women, Check Out The Most Dangerous Country In The World To Live In

Women are always considered the most precious human beings created by God. This therefore makes them too delicate and allows them to be allowed to experience good protection in their respective countries. 

However we have some countries that makes their environment too dangerous for women to live in. This is because women are known to pass through a lot of situations that may inturn be harmful to them. Their securities in such countries are usually threatened at different occasions by different people in the nation. 

These including female discrimination, non-sexual violence, and poor health care, according to experts. Discriminatory social norms and exclusion from many economic opportunities keep women largely dependent on their husbands or male relatives which gives them difficulty in survival. 

However among the countries in the world, India can be the most dangerous country for the women and this is due to the increased sexual violence in the country and human trafficking, which includes forced labour, rape among others . India has higher rate of female life expectancy. 

Apart from India, other countries considered dangerous for the women includes; Somalia, Assyria, United States among others.

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