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People Who Underwent Cruel Tortures And Humiliation Before Their Deaths

1.Aruna Shanbaug

She was a nurse from India who lived in a vegetarian state for forty years.For information, vegetarian state is where one is alive but can do nothing including talking,moving among other things.This occured after being sodomized by her fellow work mate who tied her with a dog chain on her neck while doing the act.This resulted to lack of oxygen supply in her brain thus the state.Several attempts to have her undergo mercy killing failed in the courts and she died a natural death in 2009.

2.George StinneyHe was a victim of racism in the early 90s.The late Stinney while a young boy was wrongly accused of murdering two girls.He was arrested and put in isolation for eighty days without seeing any of his family members.Stinney was tried in by an all white jury with the whole court room being full of the whites.His judgement took less than ten minutes and was sentenced to death.Stinney was electrocuted having a Bible placed on the electrocuting chair so that he could fit on.He died a painful and lonely death, courtesy of unfair judgement.

3.Junko Furuta

Her's is probably the most painful death recorded in recent history.Furuta was abducted by classmates and put under their custody for forty four days.During the period,she was abused by over 100 men.Other tortures she underwent through include;insertion of objects in her genitals and behind,cutting of nipples by pliers,burning her body parts among others.She began rotting and smelling while she was still alive.The poor girl died on the forty forth day and his abductor put him in a drum sealing it with slab.

4.Samuel Doe

Unlike the rest in this list,he was a president of Liberia.He got murdered by his opponents on live television after leading the nation in a dictatorship manner.Doe was attacked in his official residence and taken to the his attackers base where he was tortured while being questioned about how he used national resources.The most painful and shameful part was when he got his ears cut on live television.He was tortured,undressed and humiliated for hours before being murdered.

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