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Photos Of Tall Sudaneses That Will Blow Your Mind

South Sudan is one amazing country and home to some of the tallest people in the whole world. One Facebook user captured images that have had Kenyans talking. He showed the amazing height of South Sudaneses and contrasted them with other people

In the picture below, you can see a student who is almost two times taller than his teachers. They have to gaze up to him. It is hard to imagine the teachers disciplining the student in case of misbehaviour considering he towers above them. Being still young, the boy might still grow taller.

Another image shows a beautiful lady in a mall with two Sudanese gentlemen. They are so tall such that you van be forgiven to assume they are posing with a small baby. Yet this lady is of normal height. It would be totally impractical for the lady to hug the two gentlemen. Even if they stoop low, she would end up hugging their knees.

There are also photos of athletes from Sudan. One is on a shoe store where he towers over the racks while another beautiful lady poses on the field. Check below more amazing pictures from the East African country.

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