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Here Is Why You Can Never Swallow Food While Breathing At The Same Time

The human body is a wonderful creation that is unique in its own kind. I love studying about the functioning of the body systems because they amaze me. The body is a single unit but you will wonder how it controls all the things it does. Breathing, digestion, metabolism and many other processes that you are not aware of.

Have you ever know that you can not breathe while swallowing food no matter how hard you try? The throat has two passages in it. One is the wind pipe, the passage for air on its way to the lungs and the oesophagus, a passage for food particles to the stomach.

There is a lid like structure called the epiglottis at the opening of the oesophagus whose purpose is to control its opening and closing. When you swallow food, the lid closes the oesophagus automatically and opens after the food has passed down. This is an adaptation to prevent food particles from getting into the wind pipe and cause choking. That is why you will never breathe while swallowing any food or drink.

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