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Most Targeted Groups of Pedestrians by Criminals in Nairobi CBD

Nairobi's criminals don't just approach anyone to victimise them, they know how to tell who to approach and who not to. From the recent cases of robberies, pickpockets, muggings and cons, here are the most targeted groups of pedestrians by criminals in Nairobi;

1. The Lost and Waiting Ones

Criminals, especially conmen know how to tell if someone is in the city for the first time or they are lost. Lost pedestrians have high risk of being robbed or conned than natives. Why? These pedestrians will be walking around looking up to buildings and seeking directions from anyone they come across, which is very risky. I'd advice, if you are visiting Nairobi for the first time and you have no idea where you are headed to, please inquire from a security officer or you'll be misled into a crime trap. If you'll be waiting to be picked, then let anyone try to convince you otherwise, stick to your plan.

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2. Pedestrians with Luggages

Besides being lost and seeking for directions, if you have a luggage, you also become a target for criminals. A reason why it's usually advisable that if you need a trolley to help you carry your packages, don't just pick them randomly along the road, pick a trolley from their stations, so that In case ther is a problem, other trolley pushers in that particular station can help you follow up.

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3. Window Shoppers

Window shopping, takes your concentration, such that a pick-pocketer or a mugger could just walk up to you and grab your possessions. When window shopping, make sure you have your possessions in front of you or well attached to yourself. This is mostly directed to those who do window shopping from outside the shops, or through display windows without getting into the shops. Be very careful

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4. Sluggish Pedestrians

While in town, you should always concentrate on where you are headed to, and if possible, avoid making unnecessary stop overs. When you are sluggish, you give criminals room and time to crop up what to do with you; like grabbing whatever thing that you have or even starting up con conversations. Also remember to avoid using your phone while walking along the streets, unless it's a call, all in all try to avoid chats as much as possible, besides being mugged of your phone, you could also land in jail for that simple mistake.

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