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JUST IN: Night Tragedy as a Building Collapse in Ruai, Several Trapped And Rescue Operations Ongoing

Collapse of buildings can be very dangerous and a threat to many lives, both who live in it and around it. Government sponsored engineers have been doing a great job to ensure sites are constructed well for safety.

However, verified, factual and timely news emerge with a video of an ugly scene at Ruai where a huge bulding has just collapsed. In a video shared by NTV media, rescue team are spotted fastening their efforts to rescue a number of several people that had no idea before falling in the tragedy. Report says that the building is situated in A*fro Sayari at Ruai. In the live update, police officers and a number of journalists have also reached at the scene for investigations as sounds of sirens from emergency ambulances fills the air. Click this link to watch:

We hope that the affected will have a good luck and safety will be on their last. On the other hand, lets all remember to maintain peace during and after elections.

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