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Theft robbery

Common tricks Nairobi robbers use to steal from you

The Close-Up Fist Bump

This is common in densely populated areas in Eastlands and congested areas close to slums. 

Someone will approach you with a friendly fist bump; you might even think they know you. 

As soon as you extend, they quickly pull a gun on you and ask for your phone or wallet. They particularly target pre-marked targets, say they noticed you leaving the ATM machine or an M-pesa shop.

Elderly Woman Seeking Directions

This is one of the oldest robbery tricks and has been around for at least four decades. 

A woman will approach you, seeking directions for some “woishe” cause. Something like a certain doctor who treats children living with disabilities. 

You will, obviously, not know the non-existent doctor, and the woman starts sharing her troubles. In the initial version of the trick, a young gentleman would pass by and be called to give similar directions, and voila, he will!

The woman will then ask if you guys can contribute to her fare - the gentleman will do so - prompting you to give something. 

In the modern version, however, the elderly woman will distract you with a pungent smell as she will be using a stupefying drug - Scopolamine. She will also have cotton on her nostrils. 

The drug, also known as devil’s breath, takes away your free will and turns you into a zombie. It has seen many Kenyans robbed millions of shillings - some taking their robbers home to fetch their ATM cars and draining their banks.

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