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Road Accident

"Huyu Ashikwe" See what a Driver Wielding a Panga did on a Busy Highway Sparking Uproar Online

Photo Courtesy; Image of the scene.

A driver wielding a panga has sparked uproar online after what he was captured doing a along a busy highway.

The video shared by Sikika Road Safety captures the moment along a busy highway before a sudden turn of events.

In a busy traffic, an enraged driver carrying passengers swiftly walked out of his car wielding a panga while threatening another driver whom he saw as nuisance to him on the road.

The video captures the driver pointing with a panga, the other driver who did not get out of his car.

You can watch the video in the link below;

Sikika Road Safety has now called on the National Transport And Safety Authority, NTSA together with the National Police Service to act swiftly and arrest the driver for such a life threatening move.

The details of the matatu was also shown by the video. See some reactions from Kenyans regarding this matter;

This incidence comes only days after two matatu conductors were arrested and arraigned in court after being caught hanging dangerously on a moving matatu along a busy highway.

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